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The Guardian

From Bake Off's Rahul to Love Island's Adam: TV heroes and villains of 2018

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2018 featured some truly terrible TV baddies, including a cursed telly studio and unrepentant cult leaders. Good job we had a compassionate film crew and a star baker to balance it outRahul Mandal, Great British Bake Off Continue reading...

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Island ohrožuje turistická bublina. Klíčový sektor stagnuje

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Deset let po finančním kolapsu způsobeném finanční krizí se nad severskou zemí opět stahují mračna. Když před dekádou zachránil Island z krize masivní rozmach turismu, hovořilo se o severském „hospodářském zázraku“. Nyní začíná růst klíčového sektoru zpomalovat, a to může stáhnout dolů i ekonomický výkon celého souostroví.Další články k tématu:Stop

The Guardian

Working Girl at 30: the workplace comedy that changed the game

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The 1988 tale of a Staten Island woman making waves in the big city was a major hit and scored six Oscar nods, but how do its sexual politics hold up?When Melanie Griffith won the part of underestimated Staten Island secretary Tess McGill in Working Girl, two facts were true. In her short lifetime, womanhood had transformed. The year she was born, fewer

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Satirický pořad německé televize udělil Británii cenu Zlatého blbce za rok 2018 pro nejzmatenější ostrov světa

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German satirical show... Heute-Show... has presented the UK the Golden Dumbass award 2018 for being the most confused island in the world. #PeoplesVote #FinalSay #RevokeA50 pic.twitter.com/I6WVuNQbCl— Haggis_UK - #FBPE

The Guardian

Palaces for the People: How to Build a More Equal and United Society by Eric Klinenberg – review

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Why libraries, parks and other endangered public spaces are essential to good city livingFor the sociologist Eric Klinenberg, a vision of the good city begins in the local library. It’s a place where a huge amount of knowledge is available permanently, free of charge. It’s a computer centre; it’s a place where everyone goes, including the marginalised young

The Guardian

Workers’ rights? Bosses don’t care – soon they’ll only need robots | John Harris

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Tech companies like Amazon make massive profits yet seem to treat their staff appallingly. As we click, we should consider the dystopia to comeAs anyone with a TV will know, Amazon’s Christmas ad campaign is built around a surreal fantasia in which its delivery boxes acquire voices and become a global choir, belting out the Jacksons’ 1980 hit Can You Feel

CBS News

Oysters could be the answer to saving New York Harbor

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Just off the southern tip of Manhattan on New York’s Governor Island, an unprecedented program is underway to restore New York Harbor's once bountiful oyster population and the environmental benefits they bring. It's called "The Billion Oyster Project." Filmmakers followed their progress for a year to create the documentary “Take Back

The Guardian

'A time of twinkly lights and minor indigestion': Grace Dent's Christmas survival guide

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I’ve always loved the Nine Lessons and Carols – here’s my version for chefs, hosts and guests this Christmas• Vegan taste test: Grace Dent rates the supermarkets’ Christmas dishesPeople say that the modern Christmas focuses too much on food instead of, like in olden times, the little Baby Jesus. Piffle. As pagan midwinter festivals gave way in the 17th

The Guardian

A new way to hop around Australia's Kangaroo Island

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There’s no need to lug a tent and stove around the South Australian island’s Wilderness Trail. It’s now possible to stay in a new, comfy lodge each nightMy guide was wearing odd socks. One was green, the other a bright shade of yellow, so as he walked, it was like being flashed by the Australian flag. With his Steve Irwin-style khaki shorts and shirt, thick

The Guardian

Theresa May not expecting 'breakthrough' on Brexit deal at EU summit – as it happened

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PM won party backing in confidence vote but faces uphill battle to get her deal through CommonsWhat the papers say: ‘Her goose is cooked’What happens now for the prime minister and her Brexit plans?Theresa May: a crisis of confidence – Today in Focus podcastAfternoon summary 7.04pm GMT We’re closing down this live blog now. See 5.26pm for a comprehensive

The Guardian

How Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham became trapped for ever on Love Island

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The couple won the nation’s hearts because they fell in love for real on the reality show. Surely there couldn’t be a cynical motive behind their split and subsequent reunion?Women are nuts, aren’t they? They’re irrational and crazy, and there is nothing they can do about it. These are not the sentiments of Lost in Showbiz, you understand, but those of

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Prostitutky, drogy a chlast: Šestnáctiletý panic vyhrál výlet na ostrov sexu! Rodiče v šoku

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Na nechvalně proslulý ostrov Sex Island, na kterém se opět pořádá nevázaná párty zahrnující prostitutky, hektolitry alkoholu a drogy, se tentokrát vypraví i teprve šestnáctiletý chlapec. Vyhrál totiž soutěž o zájezd zdarma. Co na to jeho rodiče?


Zenová ekoteroristka i vánoční komedie na festivalu severských filmů

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Festival severských filmů Scandi proběhne od 10. do 13. ledna v patnácti městech a nabídne dvě desítky filmů. Organizátoři zvláště upozorňují na tragikomedii o „zenové ekoteroristce” z Islandu Žena na válečné stezce.


Danube escape: Budapest's Margaret Island

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Floating regally in the middle of the Danube separating Buda from Pest, Margaret Island, or Margitsziget, is one of the jewels in Budapest's crown.

The Guardian

Sri Lanka: president's dissolution of parliament illegal, top court rules

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Court deals setback to Maithripala Sirisena, who wants to replace prime minister with country’s former leaderSri Lanka’s supreme court has rejected an attempt by the president to dismiss parliament and hold snap elections, extending a political crisis that has paralysed the island nation for more than six weeks.The court in Colombo ruled that Maithripala

The Guardian

10 cool shopping districts around the world: readers’ tips

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Hamburg has its vinyl, St Petersburg its designer island and Toronto its arty distillery district. But the retail magic is strongest in Whitley Bay … This is a lively, sweeping curve of a high street, catering for a whole host of tastes and interests. Immortalised in the Dire Straits song Tunnel of Love and once a beloved destination for hen and stag

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