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The Guardian

Think another general election is unlikely? Think again | Owen Jones

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As Theresa May becomes increasingly boxed in by Brexit, dissolving parliament might be her only remaining optionCould a general election be looming? It might seem unlikely. Last time Theresa May dissolved parliament, she had a 24-point lead and higher personal ratings than Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair in their pomp. Labour had suffered one of its worst

The Guardian

May claims it is impossible for government to rule out no-deal Brexit in reply to Corbyn - as it happened

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Labour leader says he won’t meet with PM until she takes no-deal Brexit off table, after May narrowly wins no-confidence vote in parliamentMay will stick to Brexit ‘principles’ in cross-party talks, says No 10Philip Hammond tells business no-deal Brexit will be stoppedJeremy Corbyn’s Brexit speech and Q&A - Summary and analysisLunchtime summaryTheresa

The Guardian

Does Hitachi decision mean the end of UK's nuclear ambitions?

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Despite recent scrapping of three plants, experts still feel the energy has stake in futureHitachi scraps ?16 nuclear power stationThe role of nuclear power in UK and the alternativesEver since Tony Blair rebooted support for nuclear power 13 years ago, British governments have been committed to a new generation of reactors to secure supplies and cut carbon

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