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Technology: Poslední zprávy a aktuality

The Guardian

Apple devices make hundreds of false 911 calls from refurbishment centre

The Guardian | World media » Technology aktuálně » Dnes

Emergency services in California field 1,600 calls and describe hearing people talking about maintenance and repairs, but cause is a mysteryAround 20 false emergency calls a day have been made from one of Apple’s refurbishment centres since October – and it’s not clear how.Emergency dispatchers in California have fielded in the region of 1,600 accidental calls originating from a repair and refurbishment centre in Elk Grove, with no one on the other end.

BBC News

The trouble knowing how much screen time is 'too much'

BBC News | World media » Technology aktuálně » Dnes

Concerns about time spent online are widespread, but knowing how much is 'healthy' is difficult.

The Guardian

Kylie Jenner helps to wipe $1bn from Snapchat with tweet over redesign woes

The Guardian | World media » Technology aktuálně » Dnes

Users rebel against social media app’s new features while celebrities dump platform as it tries to appeal to new usersMore than $1bn was wiped off Snap Inc’s market value on Thursday, in one of the company’s worst trading days since it went public last year – and the rout was led by a bored tweet from a member of the Kardashian clan.Kylie Jenner, one of the first wave of celebrities whose fame grew primarily on Snapchat over other social media firms,

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