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Sainsbury's-Asda merger in doubt amid price rise concerns – business live

The Guardian | World media » Business aktuálně » Dnes

Competition regulator finds merger could have an impact on choice and reduce quality 8.23am GMT The CMA knows this will be a contentious decision, and has got out of the traps early in trying to persuade the public on Twitter.We've provisionally found that the proposed Sainsbury’s / Asda merger could lead to: Higher prices for groceries ? Higher fuel prices Less choice and worse quality for shoppersRead more: https://t.co/lMdbRmQHnJ


8th MP quits UK Labour, joins Independent Group over anti-Semitism

Politico.eu | World media » Europe aktuálně » Dnes

The Independent Group, which only formed Monday, is now polling ahead of the Lib Dems.

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