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BBC News

Lloyds PPI bill grows ?750m to ?19.4bn

BBC News | World media » Business aktuálně » Dnes

The company has been trimming costs and closing branches.

BBC News

Church cardinals urge end of 'homosexual agenda'

BBC News | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

Two prominent cardinals call on bishops to end their silence over sexual abuse at the Church.

BBC News

Sainsbury's-Asda merger in jeopardy

BBC News | World media » Business aktuálně » Dnes

A merger between Sainsbury's and Asda could push up prices and cut choice, warns the competition watchdog.

The Guardian

How to cure the shopping addiction that’s destroying our planet | Radhika Sanghani

The Guardian | World media » Opinion aktuálně » Dnes

I went cold turkey on buying clothes – and learned that it will take more than taxes to slow the march of fast fashionI’ve always thought of myself as someone who cares about the environment. I’ve recycled for as long as I can remember, I’m on my way to having a plastic-free kitchen and I always try to take public transport instead of driving. But until last year I was guilty of unknowingly contributing to 1m tonnes of waste a year, more carbon emissions

The Guardian

How to catch a catfisher

The Guardian | World media » Technology aktuálně » Dnes

I found out about my catfisher in 2018 – then fell down a rabbit hole of online fakery, including setting up a fake Instagram account and changing my gender on Tinder Continue reading...

CBS News

Decrying socialism, Trump looks to woo Florida's Latino vote

CBS News | World media » Politics aktuálně » Dnes

Both the president and his eventual 2020 Democratic challenger will be wooing Florida's growing Latin American diaspora

The Guardian

Michaelia Cash accused of 'no shame' in declining to speak to police about AWU raids

The Guardian | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

Penny Wong says response is ‘extraordinary’ as Senate estimates reveal Cash’s legal representation in court case has cost taxpayers $288,812Michaelia Cash has been accused of showing “no shame” for refusing to speak to police about the leak to media from her office of raids on the Australian Workers’ Union headquarters.The Labor senator Penny Wong made the accusation after two gruelling Senate estimates sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday revealed that

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