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The Guardian

I’m proud I grabbed the parliamentary mace. Here’s why | Lloyd Russell-Moyle

The Guardian | World media » Opinion aktuálně » Dnes

The rod represents parliament’s authority – which the government made a mockery of by delaying the Brexit voteOur country has arrived at a moment of profound political significance. For some time, the prime minister knew her deal would not pass in parliament, and all along she has mocked members of all parties with her blathering blandishments. A good deal. The only deal. A deal that is in the national interest.Even behind closed doors, Theresa May’s

BBC News

US-Russian spat over bombers landing in Venezuela

BBC News | World media » Europe aktuálně » Dnes

Two Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons land in Venezuela, angering US officials.

The Guardian

Why a historic strike by Chicago charter school teachers matters | Micah Uetricht

The Guardian | World media » US News aktuálně » Dnes

Teachers across the US learned this year they can push back by withholding their labor. The spread of Acero’s example to other charters is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’On a freezing picket line Friday on Chicago’s north-west side, Elly Oldendorf, a second-grade teacher at Carlos Fuentes elementary in the Acero charter school network, was on day four of a strike. Bundled in winter gear, her coworkers behind her chanting about school funding to the tune of a

The Guardian

Former Canadian diplomat detained in China

The Guardian | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

Michael Kovrig’s employer, the International Crisis Group, is seeking his release but it is unclear if the case is related to Meng WanzhouA former Canadian diplomat has been detained in China, and his current employer, the International Crisis Group, said it was seeking his prompt and safe release.Michael Kovrig’s detention comes after police in Canada arrested the chief financial officer of Huawei on 1 December at the request of USauthorities, a move

The Guardian

Raheem Sterling is an incredible person and we must protect him, says Pep Guardiola – video

The Guardian | World media » Sports aktuálně » Football » Dnes

Pep Guardiola has hailed Raheem Sterling as an 'incredible human being' after the Manchester City forward hit out at the media coverage that he said helps fuel racism. Sterling made the comment on Sunday, a day after he faced alleged racist abuse from a supporter during City's 2-0 defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.Speaking at a news conference ahead of City's Champions League match against Hoffenheim on Wednesday, Guardiola said 'racism is everywhere'.

The Guardian

Fracking paused in Blackpool after biggest tremor to date

The Guardian | World media » Business aktuálně » Dnes

Minor quake near Cuadrilla site is on par with one in 2011 that led to moratoriumResidents of Blackpool have reported feeling the tremors of an earthquake from nearby fracking operations that started two months ago.The minor earthquake was not only the biggest yet but was on a par with one in 2011 that led to a moratorium on fracking. Continue reading...

The Guardian

Macron studied Machiavelli. But did he learn the key lesson? | Hugo Drochon

The Guardian | World media » Europe aktuálně » Dnes

The writer counselled his Prince to avoid being hated but to embrace being fearedLast Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron announced that the planned rise in fuel tax due to come into effect in January had been axed. This had been one of the most visible demands of the gilets jaunes (yellow vests), who have been protesting throughout France for the last month, leading to spectacular street battles with the police last weekend around the Arc de Triomphe. Like his

The Guardian

Sparkle: the rules of giving jewellery this Christmas

The Guardian | World media » Entertainment aktuálně » Dnes

Snowman earrings and big-name trinkets are a good bet. But watch out for misleading rings and chunky strong-and-stable necklacesLook, I’m not pretending diamond earrings wouldn’t be nice. But the days when jewellery was just hard currency in sparkly form are over. Costume jewellery isn’t about fake jewels any more, it is desirable in its own right. Most women who wear jewellery buy it for themselves, change it frequently and love getting it for gifts. You

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