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BBC News

Ellie Goulding 'won't stop shouting about homelessness'

BBC News | World media » Entertainment aktuálně » Dnes

The singer talks about the small things everyone can do to help homeless people.

BBC News

Brexit: More than ?100K spent on Facebook and other ads for May's deal

BBC News | World media » Technology aktuálně » Dnes

The government bought ads on Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn before Brexit vote was cancelled.

The Guardian

East Antarctica glacial stronghold melting amid climate change

The Guardian | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

Nasa detects ice retreat probably linked to ocean changes in region once thought stableA group of glaciers spanning an eighth of the East Antarctica coastline are being melted by the warming seas, scientists have discovered.This Antarctic region stores a vast amount of ice, which, if lost, would in the long-term raise global sea level by tens of metres and drown coastal settlements around the world. Continue reading...


French deficit will increase to finance social measures, says PM

Politico.eu | World media » Europe aktuálně » Dnes

Edouard Philippe says U-turn won't derail Macron's ambitions.

CBS News

Jamal Khashoggi, other journalists are Time's Person of the Year

CBS News | World media » US News aktuálně » Dnes

Slain Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, journalists chosen over special counsel Robert Mueller, Vladimir Putin, Trump

The Guardian

'It will kill me' – behind the devastating Avicii documentary

The Guardian | World media » Entertainment aktuálně » Dnes

Avicii: True Stories was initially given a small release before the death of the EDM star but now the director discusses its uneasy relevanceThe man who got as close as anyone could to the superstar musician Avicii still has no explanation for why he died six months ago. “I have this feeling of unreality,” says Levan Tsikurishvili, who spent four years filming the DJ for a documentary. “I’m still in shock. I don’t have a clear reason.”But his film offers

CBS News

Google CEO testifies in House on privacy, political bias - live stream

CBS News | World media » US News aktuálně » Dnes

Google CEO Sundar Pichai faces questions on transparency and accountability from the House Judiciary Committee

CBS News

Suspected white supremacists attack black DJ at a tavern

CBS News | World media » US News aktuálně » Dnes

Court papers identified the suspects as being affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood

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