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BBC News

Russia nuclear treaty: Bolton in Moscow amid missile tensions

BBC News | World media » Europe aktuálně » Dnes

The US is pulling out of a Cold War missile treaty as its top security adviser visits Moscow.

BBC News

Swedish House Mafia are back with new music and a show

BBC News | World media » Entertainment aktuálně » Dnes

The legendary DJs announce they will perform brand new music during live gigs starting in May next year.

BBC News

Joachim Ronneberg: Norwegian who thwarted Nazi nuclear plan dies

BBC News | World media » Europe aktuálně » Dnes

Norway's wartime hero Joachim Ronneberg led a daring raid to stop Hitler's plan for an atomic bomb.


Italy tells Commission it won’t revise budget plan

Politico.eu | World media » Europe aktuálně » Dnes

Rome admits chosen path 'isn't in line with EU rules.'

BBC News

Amritsar train crash: India searches for blame after crowd mowed down

BBC News | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

Hundreds of festival-goers stood on a track unaware a train was heading for them them at full speed.

The Guardian

Simon Mayo and Jo Whiley to leave Radio 2 Drivetime show

The Guardian | World media » Entertainment aktuálně » Dnes

Mayo to focus on book deal and 5 Live film show as Whiley moves to an evening slotSimon Mayo and Jo Whiley are to leave the BBC Radio 2 Drivetime show, as part of a shake-up at the UK’s most popular radio station.Mayo has hosted the show since 2010, but tensions are thought to have arisen after the addition of Jo Whiley as a co-presenter for the 5pm-8pm slot in May, which prompted a backlash from listeners. Continue reading...

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