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The Sun

How much is a Euromillions ticket, what’s the biggest jackpot in the game’s history and what are the most drawn numbers?

The Sun | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

Excitement is mounting around the Euromillions jackpot, which is set at a massive ?154 million – the second biggest prize ever if it’s won. For those wanting to grab a ticket, here’s the lowdown on how much they are – and what the biggest jackpot in the game’s history is. How much is a Euromillions […]

The Sun

Outrage as female uni students are subjected to vile ‘meat market’ sex games by lads in Australia

The Sun | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

FEMALE students at an elite uni in Australia are being subjected to vile “meat market” sex games in which they’re rated on their performance in bed by their male housemates. Graphic photos and screenshots have emerged from the St John’s College at the University of Sydney, showing male students rating girls on how “f***able” they […]

The Guardian

Mother of murdered Ellie Butler loses bid to overturn conviction

The Guardian | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

Jennie Gray refused application to appeal child cruelty sentence after six-year-old’s death A woman found guilty of child cruelty after her partner murdered their six-year-old daughter has had her attempt to overturn her conviction rejected by the court of appeal.Jennie Gray, the mother of Ellie Butler, was convicted having previously admitted perverting the course of justice over her role in a “cover-up” to protect Ellie’s father, Ben Butler. Continue

The Sun

Little boy, 5, lucky to survive after tripping over while carrying a knitting needle and impaling himself through the throat and penetrating his SKULL

The Sun | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

A YOUNG boy is lucky to be alive after a four-inch-long knitting needle pierced through his skull. The unnamed lad, five, was reportedly playing with the metal needle when he fell on to it. It was driven into the back of his throat by the fall at his home in Bijie, China’s Guizhou Province. The […]

The Sun

Now Syria’s evil Assad is accused of using NAPALM on his own people as heartbreaking footage emerges dead kids being carried from bomb sites

The Sun | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

SYRYA’S evil dictator Bashar al-Assad has been accused of using the banned and lethal substance Napalm on his own people – creating conditions described as “hell on earth”. The White Helmets volunteers recorded the moment missiles, which they believed were filled with the highly flammable liquid, blitzed the rebel-held town of Hamouria within the besieged […]

The Sun

‘Animal sex beasts’ charged with abusing their son also performed sex acts on their DOGS, cops claim

The Sun | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

A CALIFORNIAN couple accused of sexually abusing their five-year-old son may have performed sexual acts on their dogs too, according to police. Roy Ling, 35, and Sara Wilson, 32, were arrested last Thursday, nearly five years after US cops began their investigation into reports of sexual abuse of their son. It is claimed the boy […]

BBC News

Syria war: Ghouta pounded as UN tussles over ceasefire

BBC News | World media » World aktuálně » Dnes

France warns failure could sound the UN's death knell, as a rebel enclave continues to be bombarded.

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